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TCL 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD Google P745 Televisions

Brand: TCL
Sold by Folders
TCL 75 inch 4K Ultra HD Google P745 Televisions is sold online by Folders - The Home Of Appliances, Beds & Computers In Kaitaia. Folders Is An Independent Retailer, With A Huge Range Of Products At Competitive Prices.
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Prepare yourself for an unparalleled TV-watching experience as TCL unveils its remarkable 75-inch 4K Ultra HD Google Televisions. These impeccably designed and visually captivating TVs seamlessly combine the brilliance of 4K resolution with the utmost convenience of Google integration. Marvel at the crystal-clear picture quality and vibrant colours that breathe new life into each scene, offering an unrivalled visual spectacle that surpasses all expectations. With Google’s intelligent features conveniently accessible, effortlessly navigate through an extensive array of apps, seamlessly stream your favourite shows, and assume complete control over your smart home devices, all with the effortless power of voice commands. TCL’s 4K Ultra HD Google Televisions represent the pinnacle of entertainment companions, delivering an immersive viewing experience that transcends reality with a touch of technological enchantment.

See details in a detail
High Dynamic Range (HDR), the latest standard for UHD contents, provides a superior experience with striking brightness, exceptional shadow details and vivid colours. Sit still and enjoy incredible picture details as the film makers intended.

More than a billion colours
What lies in front of you is a TV that can illustrate a wider palette of color up to 90% gamut under the DCI-P3 standard. Just like when you see through a kaleidoscope to witness the world of colour.

Unbearable latency, no need to endure
Latency can be disappointing especially for game enthusiasts. Leveraging from TCL’s latest technology of game accelerator, content auto-adjust function brings a higher refresh rate and a super low latency than ever before. A much smoother gaming experience is at your fingertip.

Unveil an immersive scene
Picture yourself sitting at a theatre and watching the curtains rise as actors enter the stage. With Dolby Vision and Atmos, you can experience a spellbinding scene and sound right in front of you. You will feel as if you are in a theatre rather than just watching it at home.

A beautiful mind
AiPQ Engine 3.0 enabled TCL algorithm processes contents with stable and high quality 4K. Meanwhile, game accelerator technology gives you a smoother gaming experience with up to 120Hz refresh rate. Now it’s time to enjoy an authentic movie or game night.

Ai-Clarity recognises the image in every detail. It analyses images based on their original resolution and displays the ultimate crystal-clear visual results in low-resolution upscaling, accurate noise reduction.

Never miss a detail in fast moving action
MEMC algorithm reduces motion display blur, deducts image tearing and guarantees a silky smooth scene.

Game Master
Experience next-level gaming with the best elevating technology in action. Unlock advanced display and audio technology, try smoother streaming with TCL Game Master.

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