About Laybuy

Launched in 2017, Laybuy is a Kiwi-based financial technology company that offers an integrated payment solution where you can loan money for purchases without paying any interest. Laybuy has a mission to revolutionize the way people spend and provide a sustainable method where shoppers and business people can spread their purchase cost over a 6 weeks payment period.


How Does Laybuy Work?

Laybuy prioritizes simplicity in their payment system, including the signing up process. If you do not have an existing account, simply head to their website/download their application on Appstore or Play Store. Upon signing up, you will be asked for the following details: Your Name, Date of Birth, Address, Driver License/scan of your passport and Preferred card (debit/credit card).

After submitting your details, your application will be accepted promptly as long as you fulfill these requirements:

  1. Residing in New Zealand
  2. New Zealand registered debit/credit card
  3. Have reasonable credit scores

Laybuy only accepts payment through a New Zealand registered debit or credit card, and it has to be a Visa/Mastercard. Depending on your credit scores and recent performance, you will be given a different amount of credit limit.

Following each purchase, you will have to pay for ⅙ of the price upfront, which can be done by your preferred card. The rest will be charged equally once a week on your purchase day. Laybuy does not allow you to change your payment date, so you will have to pay according to your purchase date.

Where Can I Use Laybuy?

Laybuy is only available for online purchase, and you can make payment to any online store partnering up with Laybuy. One of the easiest ways is to head to the Laybuy website/application and shop from the listed retail stores. Upon clicking on the store, you will be directed into the store official website to proceed with the purchase.

Important Notes

  • Insufficient fund that leads to late payment will be charged for an extra $10 penalty.

  • Another $10 will be charged every week up to the maximum limit of $60.

  • You have the right to receive full refund, after the seller confirms the refund, you will get your money back in approximately 5-7 business days.

When it comes to a “pay later” service in New Zealand, you really can not ask for more than what Laybuy offers. It is widely accepted in numerous retail stores nationwide and has a very reasonable payment policy. Just make sure to spend wisely to avoid the $10 penalty.

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